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Black Widow, Minion and Saw Coming Back For You, Messenger For The Captured People Are more than Active ot Read About Emotionally Influential Dragon – much awaited, your favorites and Scary on today’s Movies Briff


Existence of Life Found

“There’s something moving out there.” – Ron

Harry Potter

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Messenger For The Captured People

Capturing the Mockingjay’s message for all those silenced by the Capitol.

The Hunger Games

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Black Widow Coming Back For You

Tomorrow! Tune in to “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” 10/28 at 9|8c on ABC to see an exclusive scene from Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”


Likes: 20,708+ | Shares: 482+ | Source: Avengers


Classic Rebels In New Dimension

You do not want to miss this one. Tune into Star Wars Rebels: Rise of the Old Masters, tonight at 9pm ET/PT on Disney XD!

Star Wars

Likes: 4,675+ | Shares: 183+ | Source: Star Wars


No Safe Place Remains This Halloween

Chained in a bathroom with no escape…sounds like Halloween. Saw returns to theaters in three days – get your tickets now: lions.gt/SAWtix


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The Walking Dead Attacked Sid

Do The Walking Dead eat sloths?

Ice Age Movies

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Hobblegrunt Dragons With Emotional Influence

What else do you know about Hobblegrunt dragons? https://bit.ly/Dragonpedia_Gruff
Photo: What else do you know about Hobblegrunt dragons? https://bit.ly/Dragonpedia_Gruff

How to Train Your Dragon

Likes: 3,074+ | Shares: 43+ | Source: How to Train Your Dragon


Get The Costume, Imagine The Powers

Which member of the #XMen are you going as this year for Halloween?
Available in the US: https://bit.ly/XMenBlu-ray

X-Men Movies

Likes: 8,927+ | Shares: 105+ | Source: X-Men Movies


Quiz To Show Your Worth, Know The Captain More

Are you worthy of joining Captain Jack Sparrow‘s crew?

Pirates of the Caribbean

Likes: 22,983+ | Shares: 519+ | Source: Pirates of the Caribbean


Your Favorite Minions Coming Back In Summer 2015

In one week, meet Stuart, Kevin and Bob in the new #Minions movie trailer!

Despicable Me

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