All The Stories You Missed From Clerks!

All The Stories You Missed From Clerks!

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Who loved the stoner-go-lucky 1994 movie, Clerks? Kevin Smith’s debut, it became a cult classic with bored suburban kids everywhere who identified with the soul-crushing drudgery of working in a store. These days, Kevin Smith is well known for many projects, and some of the characters we meet in Clerks got their own follow-up movies!

Read on for the stories behind the movie, some great photos, and a video at the end you can’t miss!

clerks kevin smith career

This movie was Kevin Smith’s first. In fact, he had no money to finance it, and had to sell some of his beloved comics to scrape the necessary cash together. Fortunately, he was able to buy them back as he got more successful.

Why were the shutters down the whole movie? Click next

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