War Needs Leader, Unconquerable Battle Coming - Movies Briff

War Needs Leader, Unconquerable Battle Coming – Movies Briff

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Human changes, situation changes, voice changes, everything changes, doesn’t really matter you want it or not. Situation will not adopt with you, you need to adopt with the situations. In holidays when you are a teenager, enjoy in full, forget responsibilities because it can be the last time you are getting this chance. You don’t what will happen before the next holiday or Adventure and mystery solving is very addictive. People forget the dangers & vulnerabilities, they risk their life to solve a mystery – all and many more on today’s Movies Briff

Changes Occur Every Time, Doesn’t Matter You Want It Or Not

The greatest responsibility bears the heaviest weight. #Mockingjay #YellowFlickerBeat
The Hunger Games
Likes: 19,399+ | Shares: 1,898+ | Source: The Hunger Games

Unconquerable Battle, Not Impossible Though

“The key is to concentrate. After that you just have to…” – Hermione Granger
“Battle a dragon.” – Harry Potter
Harry Potter
Likes: 382,006+ | Shares: 6,878+ | Source: Harry Potter

Enjoy In Full, Forget Responsibilities, Fall In Love

Make the most out of your weekend!
The Notebook
Likes: 133,260+ | Shares: 13,314+ | Source: The Notebook

Some Use Found Rather Than Fighting

Not as clumsy and random as a blaster… but probably not the best pumpkin-carving tool.
Star Wars
Likes: 39,006+ | Shares: 11,062+ | Source: Star Wars

Size Can’t Bind Their Intelligence

“Convince a mammoth that she’s an opossum? Challenge Accepted.”
Ice Age Movies
Likes: 7,151+ | Shares: 1,381+ | Source: Ice Age Movies

Donkey Proving It’s Wittiness

“I’m looking down!”
Likes: 56,168+ | Shares: 1,170+ | Source: Shrek

People Forgets Danger, Can’t Resist To Solve Mystery

Strange Can Be Beautiful
Alice in Wonderland
Likes: 37,368+ | Shares: 5,211+ | Source: Alice in Wonderland

New Place & Mystery, Jack Is Always Ready

Set sail for adventure.
Pirates of the Caribbean
Likes: 68,091+ | Shares: 1,221+ | Source: Pirates of the Caribbean

Hialrious Dialogue From The Stoned World

“It’s almost a shame to smoke it. It’s like killing a unicorn… with, like, a bomb.” -Saul
Pineapple Express
Likes: 42,345+ | Shares: 2,013+ | Source: Pineapple Express

War Needs Leader, Worthy One Indeed

Strength and Honor.
Likes: 327,347+ | Shares: 44,075+ | Source: Gladiator

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