Wishes Imposed and Fans Alerted - Movies

Wishes Imposed and Fans Alerted – Movies Briff

Find out the path to the dark side, Meet a character which offers a lot to learn or Heroes doesn’t need outfit, heroic work matters only – all and many more top posts from Movie Pages on today’s Movies Briff

Fear is the path to the Dark side

Star Wars

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Character Which Teaches A Lot

Happy birthday to Hagrid – a gentle half-giant with a big heart!
Harry Potter
Likes: 370,093+ | Shares: 6,097+ | Source: Harry Potter

Wishes Imposed On Others

“They’re going to train me to be a doctor.” Prim to Katniss, #Mockingjay
The Hunger Games
Likes: 62,167+ | Shares: 867+ | Source: The Hunger Games

Enjoy Family Time, Complete Your Rituals

Surround yourself with the warmth of family this season.
Likes: 41,875+ | Shares: 1,108+ | Source: Avatar

Happiness Is When You Get What You Want

Pure happiness.
Ice Age Movies
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Thor Fans Alerted, Get Your Copy Now

By Asgard! You can now pre-order this Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World” Premium Format Thor Figure from Sideshow Collectibles: http://bit.ly/1oxw9sn
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Get Your Best Christmas Deal With The Expendables

The holidays just got explosive with this Expendables deal – Buy One Mug, Get One Free – Shop Here: http://goldla.be/1vNJJiA
The Expendables
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Heroes Doesn’t Need Outfit

Yes. Yes he is.
Pineapple Express
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Negative Memory Removal, Beautiful World

We all have regrets. SHARE this with someone whose memory should be erased. #SaveStation http://bit.ly/13tK1x0
Men In Black
Likes: 13,173+ | Shares: 1,490+ | Source: Men In Black

People Urges For A Savior

“They want you to be their avatar… We all do.”
The Last Airbender
Likes: 7,673+ | Shares: 1,566+ | Source: The Last Airbender

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