The Fifth Element: Revealed

Are you a fan of The Fifth Element? Then you just have to read this article! It is filled with great photos and fun facts from behind the scenes. Plus there is a cool video at the end!

The Fifth Element Revealed - Behind the Scenes

Did you know the Fifth Element was written in high school? That’s right! The creator, Luc Besson, actually began writing the story when he was 16 years old! It took twenty two years, but his story finally made it to the big screen!


Vin Diesel Was in The Fifth Element?

Vin Diesel in The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element Revealed - Korben Dallas Vin Diesel copy

He Was Finger! And just who is Finger, you are probably asking. He was Korben Dallas’ boss at the taxi company. Korben talks with him on the phone. That voice is Vin Diesel!


Have you noticed the glass?

Have you noticed the glass?

The Fifthe Element Broken Glass

Look Closely… Right after they “create” Leeloo and she is lying in the plastic cage with the little straps on her, the guy approaches her and says, “if you want out, you are going to have to work on your communication skills.” She gives him a dirty look, and then, if you put it in slow motion you can see a huge hole, pre-cut in the glass, that she busts her hand through.


What’s Next? How His Wife Saved the Day!

The Diva That Saved the Day

The Fifth Element Revealed - Diva Maiwenn Art

The Actress Backed Out! The actress that was hired to play the Diva backed out at the last minute. Luckily the director’s wife, Maiwenn Le Besco, stepped in and played the Diva!

The Voice of the Diva was provided by Inva Mula. The song itself had to be sung in sections and then pieced together because the notes change too quickly for the human voice to manage.


Quiz! Do You Know Leeloo’s Full Name?

Leeloo’s Name

The Fifth Element Revealed - Leeloo

According to the creator’s (Luc Besson’s) book, “The Story of the Fifth Element,” Leeloo’s name is “Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat.”

The Name “Lekarariba” used in the video game manual is a mistake.


Do You Know the Story Behind the Garbage? Next to Find Out!

Aliens on Strike!

The Fifth Element Revealed - Korben Dallas Leeloo Multipass Gif

There Were Garbage Aliens! They were spindly, long nosed and on strike. That’s why there was a huge pile of garbage at the spaceport. The aliens were supposed to be seen next to the garbage with their “on strike” signs.

In the end they didn’t make it to the final cut.


They Didn’t Want Her to Be Leeloo! Next for the Story!

Casting Leeloo for The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element Revealed - Milla Jovovich Screen Test

They Didn’t Want Her! When Milla Jovovich originally auditioned for the role of Leeloo, she didn’t get the part! Apparently she came across as far too relaxed and cool and “New York.” These photos are from the Fifth Element screen test with Milla Jovovich.

Later, Milla Jovovich accidentally ran into Luc Besson (writer/director) at a hotel. This time she was more herself and wasn’t all “dolled up.” Besson gave her another audition on the spot! And the rest is history!

3,000 Women Auditioned For the Part of Leeloo!


You Won’t Believe Who Could Have Been in the Film!

Kevin Costner in The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element Revealed - Kevin Costner General Munroe

Kevin Costner was actually wanted for the role of General Munroe!

In case you were wondering where was he familiar from, Brion James, who did play General Munroe, also appeared on Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (as the replicant Leon Kowalski). Sadly, James died in 1999 only 2 years after the release of The Fifth Element, from a heart attack. He was only 54.


What’s Next? Jokes on Set!

Jokes in the Set

The Fifth Element Revealed - Leeloo Korbin Dallas Ruby Rhod Poster

The F*** You State: You can’t always see it in the film but the visual effects team had a blast personalizing the set of The Fifth Element. For example, the licence plate slogans all read: New York, The F*** You State!


I Bet You Didn’t Notice the Shapes!

Shapes of The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element Revealed - Zorg Stone Korben Dallas

They Were Framed By Circles and Squares! The shots of Zorg almost always had a circle behind him, surrounding his head! Korben Dallas, on the other hand, was often seen with a rectangle, such as a doorway, in the background!

And Don’t Forget the Triangles! Triangles are everywhere in the film, from the pyramids, to the stones, to the planet alignment displays!


What’s Next? How to Talk Like Leeloo!

The Divine Language

 The Fifth Element Revealed - Leeloo Art

He Created an Entire Language! Luc Besson (writer/director) actually created the divine language for Leeloo to speak in the film. And Milla Jovovich learned the entire thing! Jovovich and Besson would have actual conversations in it regularly!

Milla also speaks four real languages. English, French, Serbian, and Ukranian.


Who Was Forced to Act in The Fifth Element?

Casting Zorg for The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element Revealed - Zorg Art

He Owed The Director! Gary Oldman (Zorg) and Luc Besson (writer/director) are close friends. In fact, Besson even helped to finance Oldman’s film, Nil by Mouth. To pay Besson back, Oldman agreed to act as Zorg in The Fifth Element.

He didn’t even read the script before taking the job!


What Made Her Hair Fall Out?

Leeloo’s Wig

The Fifth Element Revealed - Leeloo Shower Gif

It Was Her Real Hair! At least to start. Milla Jovovich (Leeloo) had her hair bleached and then dyed the bright orange. The repeated dying, however, damaged her hair so much that it started breaking and falling out. She was not happy!

Eventually they made a wig and shot the remainder of the film using it.


What’s Next? I Bet You Didn’t Recognize the Cop!

McDonald on The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element Revealed - Red Dwarf Captain Hollister McDonalds Girl Cops

His Name is Mac McDonald! And he is one of the two cops getting lunch at the futuristic McDonalds.

The actor is well known for playing Captain Ed Hollister on Red Dwarf!


You Won’t Believe this bit of Discrimination!

Mangalore Masks

The Fifth Element Revealed - Mangalore Mask Costume

They Wouldn’t Hire Any Actor! Not to play a Mangalore. Apparently, the masks were shaped in such a way that only some people could wear them. People with sloping foreheads were the only ones that could be a Mangalore!


Quiz! Do You Know Why the Mangalores Wore Goggles? 

Mangalore Goggles

The Fifth Element Revealed - Mangalore Goggles

It Was To Save Money! Makeup was expensive and time consuming, so many of the Mangalores were put in goggles. This made the makeup artist’s lives just a little bit easier as they didn’t have to worry about the eye makeup!


She Stole Her Husband! Next For the Story!

The Diva vs Leeloo

The Fifth Element Revealed - Leloo Diva

The Director Was Married to the Diva: But not for long. While filming The Fifth Element he fell in love with Milla Jovovich (Leeloo) and left Maiwenn for her!

Milla and Besson were married just seven months after the movie came out!


What’s Next? Could There Have Been More of The Fifth Element?

The Fifth Element Trilogy

The Fifth Element Revealed - Art

It Was Meant to Be a Trilogy! First, the story of The Fifth Element started as a novel. Then it turned into a movie–a trilogy of movies, to be precise. Luc Besson (writer/director) wrote all three of the scripts but was eventually forced to condense them into one.


Do You Know Where They Got Their Extras?

Fashion and Models of The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element Revealed - Flight Attendents

The Costume Designer Brought the Extras: The costume designer, Jean-Paul Gaultier called in some favours with the models that he worked with. Many of the extras and the Mangalores’ Human Disguises are played by models.

Gaultier was also the creator of Madonna’s famous cone bra!


What Does The Fifth Element Have to Do With Harry Potter? Next to Find Out!

Zorg as Sirius Black

The Fifth Element Revealed - Zorg Explosion

He Plays Sirius! Unbelievably, Gary Oldman (Zorg) also plays Sirius Black in the Harry Potter movies.

Gary Oldman is a master at changing his speaking voice and has used a different accent in almost every movie he’s acted in. He is so good at it, that once he even had to work with a coach in order to regain his natural English Accent!


You Won’t Believe What Happened to the Costumes!

The Mondoshawan Suits

The Fifth Element Revealed - Mondoshawan Heads Making

They Were Destroyed! Most of the Mondoshawan suits were destroyed after the production ended. Only two of the suits survived, one of which is on display at the Planet Hollywood in Disneyland, Florida.


Why Was She Covered in Bruises?

Leeloo’s Fight Scenes

The Fifth Element Revealed - Leeloo Behind the Scenes

Leeloo Was Covered in Bruises! Milla Jovovich (Leeloo) didn’t hold back when filming the action scenes for The Fifth Element. She even really hit her head against the ceiling of the growth chamber where she first appeared.


Can You Guess the Easiest Part of the Movie? Next!

Casting Korben Dallas

The Fifth Element Revealed - Korben Dallas Bruce Willis Behind the Scenes

The Easiest Part of the Movie: Luc Besson (writer/director) claims that casting Bruce Willis as Korben Dallas was the easiest part of the film. He gave Willis the script to read and two hours later he had agreed to do it!

Perhaps the title made the choice easier for Bruce Willis. Have you ever noticed that he tends to act in movies with numbers in the title? Twelve Monkeys, Four Rooms, The Sixth Sense, The Whole Nine Yards, The Whole Ten Yards, Oceans Twelve, Catch 44, etc.


Do You Know Who Inspired Ruby Rhod?

The Inspirational Ruby Rhod

The Fifth Element Revealed - Ruby Rhod Gif

Prince Meets Lenny Kravitz: They were the inspiration for the development of the wild character of Ruby Rhod.

When Chris Tucker played him, however, he says he used more of a mix of Prince and Michael Jackson. The designer comments: “maybe he’s less Michael Jackson and more Janet.”

Jamie Foxx was also considered to play the part of Ruby!


I Bet You Didn’t Recognize Bilbo!

Lord of the Rings, Robots, and The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element Revealed - Ash Alien Cornelius Bilbo

He’s a Hobbit! Ian Holm (Father Cornelius) has acted in over a hundred movies, including The Lord of the Rings, where he is Bilbo Baggins!

He also plays another iconic character that you would probably never recognize him for. He is Ash, the android from Alien!


Quiz! What Record Was Broken By The Fifth Element? Next!

Explosions on Set

The Fifth Element Revealed - Korben Dallas Fhloston Explosion

Largest Explosion Ever! The explosion that happens in the main hall of Fhloston Paradise, was the largest explosion ever to be filmed inside a studio. In fact, the resulting fire almost got out of control!

It was also the most expensive non-Hollywood film ever made! At the time anyways.


What Does Bugs Bunny Have to Do With The Fifth Element

Zorg – The Monster

The Fifth Element Revealed - Zorg Bugs Bunny

He Acted Like Bugs Bunny! Gary Oldman claimed that he played Zorg as a cross between Bugs Bunny and the billionaire Presidential Candidate, Ross Perot.

He Must Really Be a Monster! It seems like Gary Oldman is always being told “you’re a monster.” It happens in three of his movies! The Fifth Element, Air Force One, and Lost in Space.


Next if You Want a Space Vacation Too!

The Real Space Hotel

The Fifth Element Revealed - Fhloston Paradise Russian Space Hotel

The Russians Are Building It! It may not quite be Fhloston Paradise, but a real space hotel is currently in the works. It is supposed to launch in 2016 and only costs $165,000 for five days! Of course, the ride there, will hit you another $827,000…


Who is Tired of Saving the World?

Bruce Willis Saves the World – Again

The Fifth Element Revealed - Korbin Dallas Leeloo Art

He’s Tired of it! Three times, in 1997, 2001, and 2013, Bruce Willis (Korben Dallas) stated that he was through with doing save-the-world movies. After all, he has already saved the world at least 11 times! Isn’t that enough?

No word on whether or not he’s doing anymore hero-taxi-driver movies, however. So far there’s just two: The Fifth Element and Die Hard.

You’ve Almost Made it to the Video. Keep Going!


Do You Know What the Real Fifth Element is?  Next to Find Out!

The Real Fifth Element

The Fifth Element Revealed - Dance Gif

According to the creator, Luc Besson, the real fifth element is “a representation of life, love, and art,” and that “The Fifth Element is a symbol of life.”

The number 5 appears in the movie in at least 6 occasions – How many have you noticed? There are 5 elements; Korben Dallas’ license had five points left; Zorg stops his bomb with 5 seconds remaining on the timer and the Mangalore’s bomb starts with a 5 second timer; Ruby Rhod, near the end of the movie after the alien planet is stopped, says, “There’s a bomb going off every 5 minutes!” and the doctor at the end says that Leeloo and Korben need 5 more minutes; Ruby Rhod’s show is at 5.


The Fifth Element: Behind the Scenes Video with Milla Jovovich

Click play for less than 2 minutes of pure joy for true fans. Very nice video which you’ve probably haven’t seen before.

Did you know that the alien opera had a longer version?

The Fifth Element Opera – Full Version Video on Green Screen Footage

Did you know that the entire alien opera song is not played in The Fifth Element? Here you can finally check out the full version!


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