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Watch the epic Sid Mocking other character continues, Defend your independence & fight for your right, this is your first thing to do or mystery & adventure gives us reason to be alive, we should try new things, not afraid of it – all and many more on today’s Movies Briff

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Impossible Is Nothing At Hogwarts

“Funny, that paper of yours. Couple of nights ago, I could’ve sworn I saw a picture move.”
Harry Potter
Likes: 283,617+ | Shares: 1,919+ | Source: Harry Potter

No One Can Escape The Punishment

What was that you were saying, Admiral?
Star Wars
Likes: 14,443+ | Shares: 1,569+ | Source: Star Wars

Sid’s Flying High, Mocking Other Characters

The sloth who lived.
Ice Age Movies
Likes: 44,610+ | Shares: 1,709+ | Source: Ice Age Movies
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Set Your Wing & Fly High

If you want to fly to infinity and beyond, you’re going to need some wings. Learn how to create your own:
Toy Story
Likes: 21,143+ | Shares: 1,367+ | Source: Toy Story

Epic Character Creation Only Possible By Disney

“Look at me Shrek! I’m trotting!”
Likes: 123,005+ | Shares: 5,186+ | Source: Shrek

Defend Your Independence, Fight For Your Right

We salute those who fight for what they believe in.
Likes: 102,141+ | Shares: 9,122+ | Source: Avatar
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You Wanna Beat ’em, You Have To Beat The Best Then

Two of the most legendary pirates ever to roam the seas:
Pirates of the Caribbean
Likes: 89,903+ | Shares: 2,100+ | Source: Pirates of the Caribbean

Touchy Moments, Emotional Forrest Indeed

Jenny Curran: I named him after his daddy.
Forrest Gump: He got a daddy named Forrest, too?
Jenny Curran: You’re his daddy, Forrest.
Forrest Gump
Likes: 80,446+ | Shares: 4,193+ | Source: Forrest Gump

Epic Characters All Over, Infinite Entertainment

Twice the Tweedle, twice the fun.
Alice in Wonderland
Likes: 33,683+ | Shares: 2,784+ | Source: Alice in Wonderland

Mystery & Adventure Gives Us Reason To Be Alive

Go ahead… try something new!
Likes: 35,155+ | Shares: 4,692+ | Source: Tangled

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