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Find out the Movie Makers who really knows how to make people dream, Bitter truth was not appreciated, not even in Ice Age or an honest suggestion to spend a tension free holiday, Enter The World Of Insanity – all and many more top Movies & TV Shows posts collected & summarized for you on today’s Movies Briff

Long Time Left But People Still Excited



Star Wars

Likes: 107,274+ | Shares: 34,377+ | Source: Star Wars


Disney Knows How To Make People Dream

Little princess, big dreams.


Likes: 31,592+ | Shares: 1,026+ | Source: Tangled


No One Likes Bitter Truth

“I’m not fat, I’m poofy!”

Ice Age Movies

Likes: 34,474+ | Shares: 1,581+ | Source: Ice Age Movies


Angel Doesn’t Matches With Mud

What would you rather make: a snow angel or a mud angel?


Likes: 26,455+ | Shares: 834+ | Source: Shrek


Al Pacino’s Interview Analyzing Godfather

Al Pacino Picks His Favorite ‘Godfather’

The Godfather

Likes: 20,474+ | Shares: 2,170+ | Source: The Godfather


Forget Responsibilities & Enjoy Insanity

“Maybe someday we could become friends. Friends who ride majestic, translucent steeds, shooting flaming arrows across the bridge of Hemdale….” and who watch Step Brothers together. Get it now for only $5.59:

Step Brothers

Likes: 11,614+ | Shares: 815+ | Source: Step Brothers


Art That Introduces The Wonderland

“Unroll the Oraculum…”

Alice in Wonderland

Likes: 42,875+ | Shares: 1,036+ | Source: Alice in Wonderland


Eat, Eat & Eat – Homer’s Holiday

It’s the holiday season and Homer’s first in line at the buffet this year!

The Simpsons

Likes: 53,647+ | Shares: 1,267+ | Source: The Simpsons


Mr. Bean Decorating, Holiday Celebration Begins

Are you in the holiday mood yet? If not, maybe watching Mr. Bean stage a not-so-accurate nativity scene will help you!

Mr. Bean

Likes: 104,325+ | Shares: 3,216+ | Source: Mr. Bean


Discover The Inner Fun

Chemistry on-screen AND off!


Likes: 50,674+ | Shares: 6,802+ | Source: FRIENDS (TV Show)


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