Clone Photos – Next Generation of Selfie

Clone Photos – Selfie 2.0

Clone photos are the next step in the evolution of the selfie. No need to wonder anymore about our human desire for taking our own portraits. The selfie is already a part of our culture. But now it keeps evolving and changing fast with time. And the next generation involves multiple us in the same frame – the clone photo or clone selfie.

It won’t be long before a clone selfie app will be available to take easy clone shots. For now, it takes a little effort, but anyone can do it. We found a simple guide (link below) to taking clone photographs. But first, let’s get inspired! If you want the most original selfie, here is a collection of the 30 best clone selfie photos. You can watch the video version or scroll down through the selfie photos. Enjoy!

Clone Photos 1 Airplane

Clone Photos 2 Kids

Clone Photos 3 Outdoor

Clone Selfie 4 Looking up

Clone Photos 5 Girl playing

Clone Selfie 6 Girl looking

Clone Photographs 6 Staircase

Clone Photos 7 Guys

Clone Selfie 8 Fight club

Clone Selfie Photos 9 Guys home

Clone Selfie 10 Dog playing

Clone Photographs 11 Poker game

Clone Selfie Photo 12 Bathroom

Clone Photos 13 Snow

Clone Photos 14 Children

Clone Selfie Photo 15 Artistic

Clone Photos 16 Sofa

Clone Selfie Photo 17 Forest girl

Clone Photos 18 Girl selfie

Clone Shots 19 Bunny girl

Clone Selfie Photo 20 Fight

Clone Photographs 21 Cricket

Clone Photos 22 Rainbow

Clone Photographs 23 Forest woman

Clone Selfie Photos 24 Tree Waldo

Clone Photos 25 Swimming pool

Clone Photographs 26 Winery

Clone Selfie Photos 27 Student

Clone Photos 28 Office

Clone Selfie Photos 29 Pupil

Clone Photos 30 Basketball


The Clone Selfie Phenomenon

As far as we could find, this is the first ever highlight of the close photographs as an extension of the selfie trend. And it’s a good bet that it won’t be the last. This collection was researched and edited from across the web. One of the sources is of course Google image search, and we found some more here and here. The first photo in the airplane is from Flickr. If you found your own photo here and want specific credit – sure! Please drop us a line and we’ll add it immediately.

If you want to take some clone photos of yourself, all you need is some patience. Here is a very simple guide.

Here at, knowing that our precious time together on Earth is way too short for a long feed, we bring you top posts only, like this special briff of 30 clone photos or clone selfies. Want even more photos and trending stories? Please don’t forget to like the Facebook page.


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