The Pregnancy Dance Video: Must Watch

All women who watch this Pregnancy Dance video love her and then hate her

You simply have to watch this 3-minute video of the Pregnancy Dance. It’s going to break the internet… Do not miss the last 20 seconds!


The Couple Behind the Pregnancy Dance

Israeli dancer and local celebrity, the beautiful and talented Maya Amitai and her husband celebrated their first child by creating this wonderful video throughout the 40 weeks of pregnancy.

They wrote: We decided to share our amazing pregnancy experience. Nine months of love and excitement watching my belly grow and waiting for our baby boy to come.

We couldn’t stop watching it. Also, we noticed that women love the dance and then hate fer for returning to her amazing figure just two weeks after the birth… Lucky her!


Pregnancy Dance Bloopers

In case you liked the pregnancy dance video, you’d love the bloopers… Click to play:


Credit and Sharing

All rights in the video belong to the creators. Please do not copy. If you want to share, please use their original YouTube post. And if read about the video here at first, please give credit and a link back. Thank you!

Pregnancy Dance


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