Best Videos of 2014 – How many do you recognize?

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Best Videos of 2014 – Test Yourself

The best videos of 2014 remind us just what an amazing year it has been. The human kind doesn’t stop testing the limits and finally – it’s all on video!

You can scroll down and watch an amazing six minutes compilation of the 233 most viral videos of the year. But wait! Before that, browse through the following snapshots and test yourself – how many do you recognize?


Top Viral Videos – Snapshots

Here are 19 snapshots out of a total of 233 viral videos from 2014. Let the test begin!

Best Videos of 2014 1

Top Videos of 2014 2

Best Videos of 2014 3

Top Videos of 2014 4

Best Videos of 2014 5

Top Videos of 2014 6

Best Videos of 2014 7

Viral Videos of 2014 8

Best Videos of 2014 9

Viral Videos of 2014 10

Best Viral Videos of 2014 11

Viral Videos of 2014 12

Best Videos of 2014 13

Viral Videos of 2014 14

Best Viral Videos of 2014 15

Top Videos of 2014 16

Best Videos of 2014 17

Top Videos of 2014 18

Best Videos of 2014 19


Best Videos of 2014 – Amazing Compilation

So, what’s your score – how many of the viral videos did you recognize? I’ve just realized I probably spent a whole month this year just watching other people doing crazy stuff. Perhaps it’s time I go outside and shoot myself. I mean, shoot myself on video, doing something wild too. Click play and enjoy!



The full credit editing this compilation goes to Luc Bergeron whom you can find on his Facebook page.

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