Funny Video for a Winter Morning – Don’t miss the ending

Funny Video for a Winter Morning

Don’t miss the ending of this 30 seconds funny video. It will light up a dark winter morning! You know those mornings when your car is covered with snow and ice? And that you have to clear it before you can even get into the car? Well, this funny video starts in such a morning. And I’m still laughing…

Yes, we all remember one of these mornings that everything felt like it’s going wrong. We hope that laughing about it would help. And if you like at the flip side of this funny video, think about the neighbor who will find his car clear and ready. It would be like a little angel just made his day. Share it on and have a good one yourself!

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We found this video in several locations around the web but couldn’t locate the original source. If you own the rights or know who does, please drop us a line and we’ll be happy to add credit.
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