Baby Smile – cutest ever 15 seconds video

Baby Smile Video

Baby Smile – I think this is cutest ever 15 seconds video. If you need an uplift, this short video of a newborn baby smiling will make your day! If you liked it as much as I did, please share it onward. Why not spread the love?

Baby Smile is Addictive

Ohhh… The love on the baby’s face. There is nothing like it. I actually watched this video again and again. Perhaps 10 times in a row. There is something romantic, cute, lovable. Something special about this tiny human’s reaction that touched my heart. And you?

This cute viral video was shared over the social web abroad and we couldn’t locate the source. Please, if you know this blessed family, please drop us a line and we’ll be happy to add full credit. This version is edited exclusively for, so if you choose to share it, please be kind and give full credit and a link back.

If you’re a fresh parent yourself, I strongly recommend going through these newborn photo ideas for inspiration.

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