Petting Owl – Cutest Video

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This one minute video: Petting Owl comes with a guarantee – you will be ohhhing… Enjoy and share!


Petting Owl is Officially a Viral Video

While we’re not 100% sure about the source of the petting owl video, we found different versions of it running around the web with thousands of views, likes and shares. Most of the clips were long and mixed with other cute animals.

Here at, knowing that our time together on planet Earth is waaay too short for a long feed, we bring you the top posts only, like this viral video of the cutest petting owl ever. To save you some time and keep the best of the best, we’ve edited the video for you.

Petting Owl Briff Me
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Why do we love the baby owl so much?

Anyone who has watched the petting owl video went ohhh and many of the viewers chose to share it with their friends. What makes this little baby owl so special? Is it the big round eyes? The sweet little moves? The soothing music? The secret of what turns a clip into a viral video is yet to be entirely understood. In this case, the results speak for themselves. And let me add… ohhhh!


Video Credtis

We would be more than happy to credit the original baby owl and the petting hand starring in this video – perhaps you know them? Please be sure to contact us with the details and the full credits will be given immediately. For now, here are the credits we could find for the music and footage, thumbs up to you!

Beautiful music:
Cute footage: MrNuraT.


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