Amou Haji – The World’s Dirtiest Man Trending Now


Amou Haji – The World’s Dirtiest Man Trending Now


The old Iranian hate water and fresh food, he smoke animal feces, and burning his hair to get a haircut. Meet Haji, man is certain that cleanliness leads to diseases and wet the skin since the fifties.

Haji, 80-year-old Iranian, hate water. The word “shower” is not in his list, and he believes that being clean is to be patient. For all these reasons and more, Haji, who lives isolated village in southern Iran, had not showered sixty years. The result: his skin was the color of earth, and if he lay on the ground there is a good chance that you’ll notice it’s there at all (but surely Smell it long before).

Haji despise everything about health, actually – at least health as we perceive the concept. Fresh food and clean water reject it; He prefers to eat rotten meat of Durban, and drink 5 liters of water a day – but only from a rusty can of oil. He is smoking a pipe, but not with tobacco, but with different animal feces. And his Cshshiar gets too long, it just burns it. In winter, by the way, is there an old helmet on his head to keep warm, trending now.


















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