Wow: Exciting And Captivating Facebook status! Can’t Stop The Tears

Wow: Exciting And Captivating Facebook status! Can’t Stop The Tears

When Ayelet Argov, lovely girl  26 years old, almost gave up the hunt for a relationship, she finally decided to open a Facebook profile. A few hours later, she was inundated with calls from men just drifted must meet her. “Ayelet decided to be clever and answered them the following answer: “If you think that you just have to see me, feel free to contribute $ 400 organization that helps children with special needs and I’ll let you buy me a coffee in the afternoon to twenty minutes.”

Of course, Ayelet doesn’t really expect someone to take her suggestion seriously and spend $ 450 donation and coffee just to see her for 20 minutes, and indeed, what happened after that, really you could not watch.

Status exciting and overwhelming released yesterday by her Facebook profile, Ayelet tells a touching story, exciting and surprising, about what happened following the same offer cynical studs hunters. States has been gained over 11 thousand likes and over 700 shares, and enough to read a limited selection of the comments to understand how this story could easily be used as a pretty good opening for a Hollywood film, manages to touch deep in the heart. Highly recommended reading to the end.

The full translation:

In October this year I decided to change my love life. It turns out that finding today anyone to agree with you grow old is not an easy task commando. Good daughters of Israel fell victim Lsrmntim experienced Moroccans the word ‘grow old’ content and pushing her own, meaning no more than a few minutes, a few, like deciding to stop ‘grow old’ together after lowering the level of stress in the groin, which seem like the best promise for the history of the relationship between you and eventually discovered disappointment limping. Cupids unemployment bureau signed bearded Senseless tips that point for you in the street and accuse you in the disgraceful that they are in it. No man should say more when she feels that the whole world and his wife were married already and it still goes to bed alone and loving the pictures of cats who do face the camera. No more I said to myself and opened Facebook. Frankly, if I know it’s what Facebook, I was never tweet or Instagram false hopes.
Two days after I opened my Facebook account has been flooded with offers companies and messages. Even if I sit all day to answer all messages and offers hundreds of companies, was not enough for the world (A friend told me that even opened my account B’tindr, sorry to disappoint, but this Tinder account fraud, those who know me know that I am disgusted by this popular app-night stands). Two days after I signed up for Facebook, tens of thousands of guys wrote me that they have to see me, just have. Instead of explaining to everyone that I am not into one night stands, I wrote them something more clever: “If you think that you just have to see me, feel free to contribute ₪ 400 organization that helps children with special needs and I’ll let you buy me a coffee in the afternoon to twenty minutes.” I never imagined anyone would be fool enough to contribute ₪ 400 and then spend another 50 ₪ for coffee with a stranger, in the afternoon, without any physical contact. It turns out he was, and he was lucky.
Gili sends me a message that he donated the money. To be honest, I did not believe him, but even so I arranged with companies B’gorilo ‘Bat Yam promenade, then the way Nnfnf the brazen. Already imagined how it would happen: Coming guy starts to rationalize that he forgot his reception, and what I think myself, and I get up from the table, tell him I do not want to talk to the liars and the other going to sit at the table with the companies waiting for me. When my age came, he recognized me in my profile picture, I am less. Before I could ask him where the reception of the contribution he handed me a gift. I asked him what it is? He told me that this was what I wanted. I told him I asked for a donation for children. He smiled. Strange man, I thought, who smiles so much, reset yourself man. I opened the Queen’s’ hope of finding some Olympic medal or a picture of him on the estate of luxury convince me that the guy in front of me is the best thing that happened to me (in his opinion), and I must not let it slip away because of idiotic nonsense as a donation. In a golden frame reception was waiting sum of NIS 400 Elem association with today’s date 23:10:14.
At that moment, I had nothing to say, what they say a man like that? Who ever thought that someone will perform this bizarre request ?? I apologized. I told him I had to inform companies that do not wait for me. Then, he hit me again, “No, no, ensuring twenty minutes for the donation, that’s what I want – no more and no less. And so I found myself sitting in front of a total stranger coffee, and all I think about him during the meeting that – why the hell was it is, what his motive. If it was sex, why contribute NIS 400 and not give up just like everyone else. After all, it’s idiotic. is an idiot, I thought to myself, idiot! since then, the idiot started filling my life, another meeting and another, the world began to smile at me , Cupids stop sign on, everything was perfect, could not have been more perfect! And then it happened.
I arrived yesterday for my age. He cooked me his amazing lasagna with chilled Riesling side – who needs more than that ?! After finishing grind, he took out his legendary tiramisu. First bite tiramisu always melts me, a good second beat is always good as the first. Just before I put the spoon on the tongue third beat, without any preparation, age suddenly said the sentence will accompany me throughout my life “I have Huntington’s.” At first I thought it was a drink or a movie, and not to sound so stupid not that I responded. “You know what that Huntington” he asked me. I told him to tell the truth I have no idea. “Huntington is a fatal hereditary disease”. I do not know, what do you mean a terminal illness, you look fine to me. I just looked fine, and I’ll be fine in the coming years to start deterioration, I would lose touch with reality, in a short time we will move to a wheelchair, bed and then that’s it, it’s over. I cried like never cried. Gili hugged me and told me that he came to the meeting promenade day after announcing it on the distinction. He wanted to fall in love for the last time before he loses touch with reality. Gili said at the time the affair became law our private water line “I know it’s hard, but that’s the reality. But my life, but they are all mine. Do not have room for them, I do not want you to be part of them. It ends here Ayelet, it is our last meeting. ”
At that moment, I saw a figure of a woman at an angle of the eye, I looked to the side, no one was there. Probably imagined. Gili keeps talking and I do not hear anything, just trying to figure out why this character is so familiar to me. Suddenly it hit me, the figure looks just like a mother. Extracting myself of my age and I walked into the kitchen. I remember looking at the dirty dishes in the sink and lasagna sauce pots had to rub my age already there to dry. I thought of my mother’s character, I thought of my father Aaron, I thought about my friends and again I thought about my age and his desire to fall in love for the last time and experience to keep me from a distance. Gilly was behind and continued to mumble something. I turned to him and slapped him one of my worldly life of violence. “Listen to me and listen to me a piece of an ignoble” I told him and continued, “If you think I’ll sit here and listen to your nonsense you are wrong. You are the person I’ve been waiting my whole life has given my age, I do not want anyone else.” Gili holding his cheek redness Page Molly shock. “Kneel! Bless” I demanded. The guy I thought was a complete shock, with cheek redness, kneeling in the kitchen while holding the cheek not to swell. I found the plug on the counter of Riesling. I drew it and I brought my age. “Come on, I’m waiting,” I said.
At this point, my age started to cry. I told him if he is crying because of the slap So then I make it up to him, but if he’s crying because he did not want to marry me, that’s another story. “I do not cry slap your softness (bastard) and that you think you’re forcing me to marry you,” he said. I looked at him with his head tilted to the side and asked what it means to slap wishy ?? Gili threw away my makeshift ring and pulled out the third drawer red box. “To be honest, I did not know how to react,” he said, continuing, “I did not think for a moment to raise the issue of marriage. But just for the -0.000001% you accidentally get on it and you want to improvise something (how he knew me) I came prepared. If you really want to, So do it properly. “Gili opened the box and it was waiting for a diamond ring. If before I thought I cried like crazy, this time falling apart. Ring finger unfortunately did not work, but it did not matter. We decided to get married, and we decided we did not want to wait for it too. In less than two weeks we’re getting married!
Family, friends, aunts, uncles, friends, Facebook members, strangers who just follow and were part of my life – you have a lot to digest. Anyway, we will post a public invitation – anyone who wants to get-invited Love!




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