Passionate Eye Makeup that can blow your mind

This artist uses eye makeup as canvas

There are different types of artists on this earth and Tal Peleg is not just like the other ones. She paint and the most amazing matter that separates her from others is her way of painting. She is a visual artist and she loves to paint the human eye. Eye Makeup is her specialty and she become very popular on instagram while posting her art work. Besides painting, she loves music, animals and her family. Tal Peleg is from Israel and she has over 120K followers on instagram. She also work with different medium and you can have a look at some of her best works here.


Barbie girl art, exceptional eye

Barbie girl art, exceptional eye Eye Makeup

Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
When you use imagination, you can stay an artist, no matter your age… and according to @barbie, it’s the ultimate superpower, so be sure to use it! #besuper


The little mermaid

The little mermaid Eye Makeup


Stunning Eyes, each has there own stories

Stunning Eyes, each has there own stories Eye Makeup


Really Reminds me of the song ‘Nymphetamine’

Reminds me of the song 'Nymphetamine' Really Eye Makeup

Night-Time Masquerade ~~~ Model: The amazing Topaz Arbell
@kryolanofficial Nose putty + @mehronmakeup modeling wax
@physiciansformula eye booster eyeliner
@morphebrushes 35u pallette (black, purple, blue…)
Dots: Gold- Boaz Stein D39 loose-eyeshadow mixed with watercolor. white- Mehron paradise.
Purple crystals: unknown nail crystals from ebay.
Lips: @maccosmetics lipmix in blue, white and crimson topped with purple eyeshadows from the Morphe 35u Pallette.
Mascara: @eyeko Black magic
False eyelashes: @eyemimocosmetics NTR27
Colored contact lenses: @uniqso


Killer Peacock eye

Killer Peacock eye Eye Makeup

Peacock – a closer look. Model (not my eye this time): Topaz Arbell


Creative Cat eyes

Creative Cat eyes Eye Makeup

So… I *really* love cats. Can you tell?


Colorful Tears from the attractive eyes

Colorful Tears from the attractive eyes Eye Makeup

The Artist’s Melancholia. I’ve painted the pupil on the closed eyelid with @concreteminerals pro-matte eyeshadows & Paradise aquacolors.


Cats and dogs together, Actually a deep meaning art

Cats and dogs together, deep meaning art actually Eye Makeup

So many dogs and cats are waiting in shelters, in cold and lonely cages, just waiting for you to give them a loving home, a warm hug and care. In return, they will give you an unconditional love and will be forever grateful (well, unless they’re a cat. in this case, there’s a chance they will make you believe they did *you* a great favor… and they’re totally right!). Save a life and earn a new best friend – sounds like an awesome deal to me!
Adopt a shelter pet. ~~~ MAIN PRODUCTS:
Dog: @kryolanofficial and @mehronmakeup watercolors + @colourpopcosmetics Smash
Cat: @morphebrushes gel eyeliner + Mehron white and pink watercolors + Colourpop eyeshadow “Rex”
Purple blanket: Colourpop “Dare” + dots with Kryolan Lilac watercolor
Pink crease: from Morphe 35c palette
Waterline: Morphe gel eyeliner
Eyebrow: @ofracosmeticsisrael brow gel
Mascara: @eyeko Skinny brush mascara
False lashes: @eyemimocosmetics NTR35


Be aware!! Alien in town

Be aware!! Alien in town Eye Makeup

I’ve created this Maleficent look on lovely Dana in a demonstration workshop at @ofracosmeticsisrael today. Had a great time, thanks to everyone who participated


Sugar skull

Sugar skull Eye Makeup


This post was inspired by Tal Peleg’s work. Thanks! Photos in this special post were researched and collected from the @tal_peleg.


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