Biddy the Hedgehog Sensation

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The most popular hedgehog in this universe!

Most of you may not like hedgehogs, but you can’t stop liking biddythehedgehog from Instagram. I never liked a hedgehog and I never think that I am going to love one. But after watching the photos from it’s instagram account I start liking it. This hedgehog will force you to love within a moment. It’s really cute and attractive. It’s already become the most popular ever hedgehog on the world and there are more than 600k followers in its instagram account. You can find several products in their shop including calendar with the images of Biddy. Their store is located in Gresham. Let’s have a look at the most amazing photo collection of this hedgehog.


Amazing Sketch

Amazing Sketch Hedgehog

Thanks @liloshka_saint for sharing this awesome drawing of me!! #biddythehedgehog #biddythehedgehogart


Enjoying the holiday with a friend

Enjoying the holiday with a friend Hedgehog

Hey guys it’s me Biddy! I’m not 100% better yet, but I wanted to say hello & thank everyone for all the get well wishes! #biddythehedgehog #biddyandcharlie #tbt #elowahfalls


Nice weather to make me feel good

Nice weather to make me feel good Hedgehog

Dreaming of warmer weather like the day I went to the Painted Hills! Sorry for the lack of posts. Turns out I’m a very sensitive hog to certain medications, so it took a few visits to find out what works best for me. Tuesday was my first day not having to take medicine. I’m not 100% better, but my parents and doctor are doing everything in their power to help me feel better. #biddythehedgehog #tbt #paintedhills


Hedgehog from another planet

Hedgehog from another planet

Halloween time is the perfect time for disguising. Picture by @nicnyx Good work!! Check out her page and show her some love! #biddythehedgehog #biddythehedgehogart #spookybiddy


Travel bag or luxurious cabin

Travel bag or luxurious cabin Hedgehog

This is how I travel. Small pet travel carrier with zippered sides and zippered mesh middle. Fleece blanket seating. Added camera strap for comfort.
#biddythehedgehog #travelinstyle #travelresponsible If you choose to travel with your Hedgehog keep him/her safe! Check the temperature, environment, etc. before heading out.


Tongue out Love

Tongue out Love Hedgehog


Magnificent artwork

Magnificent artwork Hedgehog

Thanks @triciakibler for making me look so good!!! #biddythehedgehog #biddythehedgehogart #ink #watercolor #triciapaints



Fireman Hedgehog

I’m the Fireman
Fire F-Fireman
There’s a fire I’m hollering
There’s a fire come and help me
You can water and we will put it out
You can water and we will put it out
#biddythehedgehog #lilwayne #lyricalhog #lilbiddy


Birthday Art

Birthday Art Hedgehog


Blowing bubbles in the bath. #bathtimefun #keepbathtimeweird


Hedgehog can be that cute. Can you believe?


This post was inspired by biddy the hedgehog sensation. Thanks! Photos in this special post were researched and collected from the @biddythehedgehog.


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