Dog’s Toys – Poor Dogs made to look Trivial

Only if they knew, they would never touch these funny dog’s toys

We know dogs are great, we know they are the most loyal. We also know, sometimes they can be the best companion too. Then, what about fun? Well, every now and then, dogs can be fun also with their amazing stupidity. So, let’s just increase the fun a bit, for both of you pet lovers, and your most loyal friend! In order to do so, you just need to pick one of plenty of the clever but funny toys, designed specifically for that. While your dog would be happily playing, you could be sure to break out in laughter! Why is that? These photos are the answer.


Teeth-shaped Ball

Teeth-shaped Ball Dog's Toys



Pug With His Toy Dog's Toys

Pug Dog's Toys


Pretty Lady

Pretty Lady Dog's Toys


Moustache Toy

Moustache Toy Dog's Toys


Moody Pet Lips

Moody Pet Lips Dog's Toys



Lipstick Dog's Toys



Lips Dog's Toys

Humunga Stache Durable Dog's Toys


Grinz Ball

Grinz Ball Dog's Toys


Giant Tongue

Giant Tongue Dog's Toys

Favorite Toy Dog's Toys

Cut Pug With His Toy Dog's Toys


Chew Toy

Chew Toy Dog's Toys

Chew Toy 2 Dog's Toys

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