Creative Drawings – Made Out of Ordinary Things

These creative drawings are so stunning to notice its materials

No matter how genius Christoph Niemann – a famous cartoonist of the New York Times is, he also gets bored. However, he creates a thing or two of real genius in order to remove his boredom. Yes, that’s right! Christoph picks up whatever he gets in front of his hand – from an orange to a bundle of toilet tissue, and turns them into a dazzling little piece of art. Well, he claims it removes his boredom and tiredness, like only a genius could do. So, let’s check out how many of us can remove our boredom through seeing his astonishing art work or creative drawings that required nothing more than a shock!

Toilet Tissue Creative Drawings

Spoon Creative Drawings

socks Creative Drawings

shoe Creative Drawings

scissor Creative Drawings

potato Creative Drawings

playing card Creative Drawings

Orange Creative Drawings

jeans pant Creative Drawings

ink pot Creative Drawings

Every day object Creative Drawings

Every day object 3 Creative Drawing

Every day object 2 Creative Drawing

egg spoon Creative Drawing

earphone Creative Drawing

drops of water Creative Drawing

dropper Creative Drawing

drawing Creative Drawing

comb Creative Drawing

coin Creative Drawing

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