Interesting Photos – something you have never seen before

Interesting Photos – something you have never seen before

This photographer takes interesting photos that require a second look

“While taking photos, this photographer wears an interesting pair of eyes.”
Robert ParkeHarrison with his wife, ShanaParkeHarrison does collaborative photography in the fine art category. Hold on! Before you start to take your eyes off of the page, we request you trust us. This is not just about an ordinary photographer you see every day, this is about a special kind of photography. Together, the couple composes their photos to portray the men’s effect on the landscape, and tells the story with an amazing pair of eyes. Sounds boring? Just have a look at the photos we thought is their most beautiful works.

Garden of Selves
Garden of Selves Interesting Photos

Forestbed Interesting Photos

Flying Lesson
Flying Lesson Interesting Photos

Exhausted Globe
Exhausted Globe Interesting Photos

Edison's Light
Edison's Light Interesting Photos

Earth Elegies
Earth Elegies Interesting Photos

Da Vinci's Wings
Da Vinci's Wings Interesting Photos

Cloud Cleaner
Cloud Cleaner Interesting Photos

Cloud Burst
Cloud Burst Interesting Photos

Breathing Machine
Breathing Machine Interesting Photos

Book of Life
Book of Life Interesting Photos

Windwriting Interesting Photos

Tree Sonata
Tree Sonata Interesting Photos

The Waiting
The Waiting Interesting Photos

The Visitation
The Visitation Interesting Photos

The Sacrifice
The Sacrifice Interesting Photo

The Exchange
The Exchange Interesting Photo

Suspension Interesting Photo

Restoration Interesting Photo

Reliquary Interesting Photo

Promisedland Interesting Photo

Pollination Interesting Photo

Oppenheimer's Garden
Oppenheimer's Garden Interesting Photo

Night GardenNight Garden
Night Garden Interesting Photo

Mending the Earth
Mending the Earth Interesting Photos

Listening to the Earth
Listening to the Earth Interesting Photo

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