Amazing Stunts – Hi! I am Buster Keaton and this is a Jackass!


Today’s movies can learn something from real stunts done by Buster Keaton

“Looking for some amazing stunts? Ladies and gentleman! This is Buster Keaton for you!”
Back when men were men, amazing stuffs happened. Men used to own anything with their grit, courage and bravery. Stunt performer Buster Keaton was one of those men. He used to do amazing things for films at the time when there wasn’t many safety equipment. Agree that those were risky, agree that a man’s life was at stake, sometimes – but those were fascinating, those were real. See some of the amazing stunts performed by Buster Keaton in the following GIFs.

Is it a game Amazing Stunts

Falling Down Amazing Stunts


Pain is out of question for Keaton

Great Jump Amazing Stunts

Flying Amazing Stunts

Broken House Amazing Stunts


Calculated but very risky stunt

Stunning GIF Facing Train Amazing Stunts

Most beautiful loop ever!!

Spiderman Nowadays Amazing Stunts


Spiderman nowadays!!

Riding a car Amazing Stunts


This is how Keaton rides.

Obstacle Remover Amazing Stunts

Neck Breaker Amazing Stunts

Real Neck Breaker

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