Best Jumps Over Cars – Viral Videos


Best Jumps Over Cars – All Real!

Why do people jump over speeding cars? Because they can! Each of the following viral videos of people jumping over speeding cars got thousands of views and many more likes and shares. And all the way down – don’t miss a laugh with the car jumps fails!

Best Jumps Over Cars


Kobe Bryant Jumps over an Aston Martin

This video, from May 30, 2008, sets the tone for jumpers all over the world. Kobe Bryant Jumps over an Aston Martin and with the jackass crew and…a pool of snakes!


Jump over Audi R8

This video of a jump over an AUDI R8 is a sponsored stunt, which is another way to get good jumps – someone else pays for it.

Natural Jumper

This guy is not Kobe Bryant and not a paid for stunt artists, he’s a natural. He does jump over a speeding car and makes it look like it’s an easy task, just after jumping above other things, including a wheelchair.


Warning: Do Not Jump Over Cars!

Yes, they do go viral and people share them all over the web. But these stunts were precisely calculated before the jumping attempts. The jumps are done by professional athletes and seriously crazy people. Under any circumstances, do not attempt to mimic these videos. In fact, do not jump over cars.

Jump Over Car Fail


Best Jumps Over Cars – FAIL

If you need another boost why not to go jumping over cars, here’s a compilation of the best jumps over cars fails. Funny…!


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