Simple Words, People's Words, No Complication - Celebs Briff

Simple Words, People’s Words, No Complication – Celebs Briff

Christiano Ronaldo have a very busy life, still he making some time for the Junior Ronaldo, Happy father & son, Neymar, Luiz and Willian enjoying the international break at Vienna or See the edits of Miley Cyrus in the dining, what kind of people does that? – etc many more on today’s Celebs Briff

Enjoying International Break, Hilarious Photo Pose

Willian David Luiz #Viena
Neymar Jr.
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Most Annoying Matter In Time Of Hanging Out

mmm hmmm
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Idols That Inspired Dwayne To This Position

My crazy history and proud deep roots… On this day (Nov 15th) back in 1983, my dad “Soulman” Rocky Johnson and his tag team partner “Mr USA” Tony Atlas defeated my uncles The Wild Samoans… to become the first ever WWE African American Tag Team Champions. All these men – my family – were my “Superheroes” growing up – real men who didn’t wear capes, but would scratch, claw, bite (literally) and fight to get the job done and provide for our families. My dad, Tony, uncles Afa and Sika, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and my grandfather, the late High Chief Peter Maivia were all trailblazers and the color of their skin or anyone else’s never mattered. They were all about putting on a helluva performance in the ring and working extremely hard. They were all also slightly and undeniably crazy as all hell… #ItsOurFamilyTradition #HardestWorkersInTheRoom Explains my need for therapy one day…
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
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Bieber’s Hair Mystery Unveiled

Throwback with me and Butsy lol I thought I was eminem died my hair blonde every summer
Justin Bieber
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Lead Your Life Thinking About Afterlife

Where you are, is not where you’re going to stay
Joel Osteen Ministries
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Daughter-Dad Relation, Amazingly Realistic

FB 766 – PIKU in the day the entire day and then time with my Ef in Kolkata … such a joy to see their affection and love ..
Amitabh Bachchan
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Simple Words, People’s Words, No Complication

“You say dabble in politics, I don’t know what that is. You say stand up and talk for my rights… I know what that is.” #MarleyNatural
Bob Marley
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Busy Life, Happy Father, Happy Son

Happy to spend family time with my son.
Cristiano Ronaldo
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Food In The Dining, Very Poor & Nasty Edits

These edits fucking kill me #yiewzabunchoweirdos
Miley Cyrus
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Winter Is Coming, Be Aware!

Pop your collar this fall.
Charlize Theron
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