Illusion Calling and Cutest Scientific Poem - Viral Briff

Illusion Calling and Cutest Scientific Poem – Viral Briff

Learn the scientific way to convince a girl, very effective ways by which any girl would fall, Hilarious picture collection which can make you regret or follow those or Learn the importance of a dot, epic fail that can make you very careful – all and many more top posts designed together and presented to you as a brief summary in today’s Viral Briff

Try New, Try Smart, Apple Doesn’t Always Mean Smart


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Worthy Comparison Everyone Should Read

Anyone who’s ever felt guilty about shopping at Walmart will be relieved to see this.
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Cutest Scientific Poem, Any Girl Would Fall

Whoever said science can’t be romantic?
I fucking love science
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Pic That Surely Will Make You Pose Like These

Incredible Pictures
Stylish Eve
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Dream & Hope Keeps You Alive

“I’ve been an electronics engineer for thirty years, but it’s my dream to live on a farm. It was my dad’s dream too, but he died before he could get out of the city. So I bought myself 40 acres out in Virginia. I’m about to hop on the Amtrak and head there now for a visit, but one day I’m going to move there for good. The property is a hippie’s dream. It’s got great energy. It’s ten miles from a small town, and right next to the Blue Ridge mountains. It’s partial wood, partial field. There’s a small farmhouse. I’m going to raise chickens, live stock, and have a greenhouse. Only nine more years until retirement.”
“What’s your greatest weakness?”
Humans of New York
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A House Every Couple Would Dream Of

Silver House ᴷᴬ
Architecture & DesignArchitecture & Design
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Old Is Gold, No One Can Change This Truth

When people say recent cartoons are better than old school cartoons
Dude Perfect
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Wit Test, Understand, Yes = Clever, No = Normal

Me, after watching Interstellar
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Tattoos That Can Take You To The World Of Illusions

25+ Crazy 3D Tattoos That Will Twist Your Mind:
P.S: Vote for the best and post your finds below!
Bored Panda
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Importance Of A Dot

From the Cake Fail files. Poor Ana!
George Takei
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