This Father Took Photos of his daughter every week for 14 years, The Result Breathtaking!

This Father Took Photos of his daughter every week for 14 years,  The Result Breathtaking!

Frans Hofmeester filmed the video Portrait of Lotte. Frans decided to film his daughter for 15 seconds every week from the day she was born until the age of 14. This video show’s the most fascinating processes in nature, human maturation process in 4 minutes, breathtaking trending story.

This video was watched over 25M views, these are the top comments:

I think its so sad that this poor child was forced to stay in the same position for 14 years!

s a trans woman, this brought me to tears. But I am grateful, regardless.
Amazing work, thank you.

I am doing this to my kids!!!
I like this trending story
How wonderful. She was such a gorgeous baby it was no surprise she grew to be a real beauty. Dad obviously loves her very much. Fascinating at how she gets a bit chattier around puberty, then becomes a little shy in her teenage years. I wonder if doctors will one day have a complete life on film,which will help to chart milestones of psychological & biological development. What a wonderful thing to share. God Bless you & all the involved, supported Dads in the world. :-)
Funny how we all come into the world screaming covered in blood then develop into something so remarkable.
Interesting how as a baby/toddler her parents parted her hair to the left and now as a teenager she parts her hair to the left. There were a few years in the middle where it was parted in the middle, but  when she entered the pre-teen years, right back to the left.

You need to watch it, Enjoy this trending story, Portrait of Lotte:


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