Star Trek the Next Generation

Star Trek The Next Generation – Tales From the Set

Love The Next Generation? Then you will love this article! I bet you don’t know most of these behind the scenes stories and trivia. Plus there are great photos and a video at the end!

Star Trek the Next Generation Tales From the Set - Picard and Ro Laughing

They Thought the Show Would Fail! Did you know that Patrick Stewart believed that the new Star Trek would be a flop? So much so that he didn’t even unpack his suitcases until six weeks into shooting!

First Convention: Stewart had no idea what to expect at his first Star Trek convention. When waiting to go out on stage, he even approached one of the convention workers and asked if the there was anyone actually out there! When he did finally make his appearance in front of a huge crowd, he says he “felt like sting.”

Did You Know That Picard Was Almost Killed Off? Click Next to Find Out Why!

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