Gilmore Girls: Fun Facts

Gilmore Girls: Fun Facts

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Welcome back, Gilmore Girls… Real fans have to read this post!

Gilmore Girls Fun Facts Open
The Gilmore Girls are back! As you must have heard, the series finally returns with four new 90-minute episodes, and we’re super excited.

If you want to know when and where to watch the new episodes on Netflix, you’re in the right place. We’re already preparing the party!

In order to celebrate this iconic show, and to prepare for the new episodes, here are the most interesting fun facts you’ve probably never heard before. We’ve also got great photos, videos and a recap of the cast then and now!

Gilmore Girls: Surprising Stories You Must Read and Share!

Gilmore Girls Fun Facts With the Guys
Did you know this? #1 Alexis Bledel can’t stand coffee, but her character Rory loves it. Her coffee cup is filled with coke.

Did you know this? #2 Scott Patterson, who plays Luke, was not originally hired to be a series regular. He was only signed on for the pilot episode, but it was only after the discovery of the undeniable chemistry between him and Lauren Graham that he was contracted for more episodes, and quickly became a series regular.

Did you know this? #3 Hollywood agent-turned-producer Gavin Polone worked with creator Amy Sherman-Palladino to develop Gilmore Girls, and he has said part of the inspiration for the show’s focus on the mother-daughter relationship between Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) was the 1999 movie Drop Dead Gorgeous, which he produced, and the relationship between characters played by Ellen Barkin and Kirsten Dunst.

Can you believe Luke was originally a woman? Do you know why it’s called Gilmore Girls? Please Click Next

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