The Sopranos: Best Moments

The Sopranos: Best Moments

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What’s your favorite moment of The Sopranos?

– The Diner Scene in season 6?
– Lost in the Woods in “Pine Barrens”, season 3?
– The Ducks Fly Away in season 1?

The Sopranos Best Moments - Family Redefined
We miss The Sopranos and TV of this magnitude. As a tribute from and for true fans, we’ve picked the best moments from the show’s six seasons. Some are funny, some are morbid, but all made for compelling TV.

Why click next? All these and many more are here… But it’s a long post for true fans and so, to prevent the page from loading too slow, it had to be split into shorter pages. The moments are in no special order, but let’s start with one of my all time favorite moments – and don’t miss the video towards the end.

What’s next? Tony and Carmela’s Big Blowout!

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