Advertisement Sequel, Charming Love Story Between A Puppy And A Horse Heartbreaker!


Advertisement Sequel, Charming Love Story Between A Puppy And A Horse Heartbreaker!

After conquering the network last year with their wonderful Super Bowl advertisement “Puppy love”, tells the sweet love story between a Labrador puppy sweet horse, released at the recent Budweiser brewer in its new ad “lost dog” will air during the Super Bowl 2015 will take place game Sunday night, and you’ll be glad to hear, this is a film that continued super cute wonderful advertising last year.

Just like last time, the little puppy is missing is our responsibility not really know keep himself and manages to be locked in the trunk of his own truck and get lost. The sequel is quite likely, dog exciting journey home by the end of the exciting plays in the background (“I’m Gonna Be 500 Miles”) by Hfrookleimers performing a beautiful acoustic band Sleeping at Last. In order not to destroy you, just watched the video, GO Budweiser Super Bowl!


We love Budweiser Super Bowl ads\videos!

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