42 Weeks, 14 Hours Labor, 1 Perfect Baby – Pregnancy Video

Cutest Pregnancy Video – 42 Weeks

Adorable couple, Adi Soesan and Sergei Malishev, created an incredibly cute stop motion video depicting their pregnancy and love. Beautifully brilliant, you just have to watch it. Adi posted it to her Facebook wall, sharing their love with friends, and people just couldn’t stop sharing it… it went viral!


Sharing Parenting Experiences

Following the wonderful collection of pregnancy and parenting photos covered, posted here under Parenting Photos Done Right, we just had to share this video as well. Both come from Israel where love seems to be shared with the World in some very creative ways.

42 Weeks Pregnancy Video


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Kisses and Credit

We send Adi and Sergei kisses and wish them all the love in the world, hapinees and health with the new baby. We’re waiting patiently for the next video!

Credit: Adi Soesan and Sergei Malishev on Facebook.


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