Dough Tricks around the World – Amazing Video Briff

Dough Tricks Video

Amazing footage collected from private smartphones grant us a special angle into the backstage of restaurants with dough tricks that you’ve never seen before. After the hovering pizza dough and the flying Naan, you just have to see the Falafel Master on #3.


Watch the Dough Chefs

#1 – In an Italian restaurant or an American pizzeria, great pizza starts with thin dough flying through air, and this chef here seems to take this art into a whole new level. His pizza dough seems to be hovering in the air… Yummy!

Dough Tricks - Flying Pizza

#2 – Across the globe and deep into India, this guy makes Naan with some dough tricks from the basketball field, with accuracy precision of a golf champion – and it all seems to be so easy. Makes we want to go to India again.

Dough Tricks - Flyinh Naan

#3 – This Falafel Master surprises even people who have been eating Falafel their entire lives and I’ve never seen such tricks before, nothing even close to it. This video comes from Israel, the kingdom of Falafel, and it makes me hungry for a Pitta!

Dough Tricks - Flying Falafel


Dough Tricks go Viral

Each of these dough masters went viral with his own short video, receiving thousands of views and likes, and we thought that together they are even more interesting, bringing you the top posts only. What made these specific clips to go viral? Probably our hunger for food, even through the screen, the fact that they are pros who make it look easy, and of course – the element of surprise. Music credit: Bensound – with gentle sounds that complete the needed atmosphere for such a food and art related video.


Here at, knowing that precious time together on Earth is waaay too short for a long feed, we bring you the best of the best, like this video briff of amazing dough tricks from around the World. Want to see even more? Please do like the Facebook page.


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