Above & Under The Water - Amazing Photos!

Above & Under The Water – Amazing Photos!

Above & Under The Water – Amazing Photos!

Amazing Photos Story:


A parallel universe? The amazing photographer Matt Smith like to make it special, he created an amazing photo above and under the water, you know the feeling when you come out of the water, and the water engulfs your mask? So this the moment Matt want to remember., Look at these amazing photos!

Matt uses special equipment, Nikon D300s, Nikkor 10.5mm f2.8 Lens, Aquatica AD300 Housing. But this is the easy part, the long hours under the water is.. How to say not so easy. I will never dare getting so close to an alligator or to a jellyfish, but when we look at those amazing photos we can only admire.

This image was shot directly in front of where I used to work. During the walk on my lunch break I found this small rockpool contains bright red anemones Waratah these wonders, I would have to make their image. I knew I could just shoot the lowest tides, and I wanted to wash it with a nice sunrise, it was supposed to be a long waiting game !! Meanwhile, whenever I can get access to this tiny pool, which I experimented with a camera accessory (ports, lighting, etc.) I can fit such a small space to take the shot. I had to strip down right residential area, removing the handles and bracket lighting, etc. Then came the perfect breakfast. I remember it was quite windy, hot summer to dry the exposed part of my port in seconds, so I had water all the time ladle about it, but my plan played beautifully and I wanted to picture how it worked !! Although silver gulls hovering in the background were very lucky to extra shot

Those  amazing photos were captured in Cuba, Is you like them share and show the rest of the world.




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