Solidarity Video – Strangers restore faith in humanity by moving an entire train

Solidarity Video

What is solidarity? Instead of explaining it in words, watch this 1-minute video and understand both the term and the deeper meaning of it. Then, share it on and remember to help people around you. Hoping that together we improve humanity by a tiny little bit.


What is Solidarity all about?

This video is genuine. It was caught by the security cameras in a train station in Perth, Australia. A man’s foot gets caught in the gap between the train and the station. Then, each and every person around gather to help. It’s not easy. They understand that they need to push and tilt the entire train. And they all make a collective effort… and succeed! Notice that some of them actually clap hands when the man is finally free. They don’t expect thanks. They do hope that one day, if they get caught, other strangers will also help. That is solidarity. And we all hope we had more of it in our World.

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This video is spreading like a virus, a truly viral video. We found it in several locations around the web but couldn’t locate the original source. If you own the rights or know who does, please drop us a line and we’ll be happy to add credit.
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