A Game of Social Thrones – Video Briff

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A Game of Social Thrones

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones and you’re using social web tools, it means that you’re… well, human. It feels like we all fit this category. And it also means that you’d love this video called Game of Social Thrones. Take a minute and a half to enjoy an artistic take on the original opening seuquence mixing in the big social web players, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and even Google Plus. Here are some photos of the beautiful forts and towers. The full video is just there below, you can scroll down to it.

Game of Thrones - Google

Game of Thrones - Facebook

Game of Thrones - Twitter

Game of Thrones - Instagram

Game of Thrones - Linkedin


The Video: Game of Social Thrones


What makes it a Viral Video?

Clearly, since we all love the Game of Thrones and use all these social web tools, we’re attracted to have a look. The high end production also helps. And yet here, there was something more. The video is actually a commercial for Hootsuite, a company that unites social networks under one platform, and we can assume that they put some of their marketing dollars to work, paying for distribution and views. And still, with 891,536 views (!), this video is spreading fast and gets shares from true fans, not only paid for.


Game of Thrones - Whatsapp


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Game of Thrones - Youtube

Video and photos credit: Hootsuite on Youtube.


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