This Is A Real Gas Station Toilet, Seriously – Trending Now

This time we just let you read all the comments. Very funny…

“Looks like the toilet of a Scandinavian prison. Just not as nice”

“How are the glory holes? I need a review of the glory holes”

“As soon as I clicked on this video, I said, “what do you expect? it’s a public bathroom,” expecting to see same old dirty, disgusting bathroom that every other gas station has.
After 20 seconds into the video……………………
What a PLOT TWIST!!! That bathroom totally looks like it belongs to some 5 star hotel room. It must have costed fortune to build it, and maintaining it clean and classy everyday must be so inconvenient.
The owner must be an oddball LOL”

“Very nice. Next time I have Chipotle, I shall use this as my /r/battlestation for the day”

” If  only i can make it to challenjour, then ill probably have nice things like that, gg”

” I find it funny as customers we feel we are entitled to something.
You’re entitled to what you pay for, want a nicer bathroom, pay for it. Otherwise, it’ll be cheap, dirty, nasty shit. The reason that other parts of the world have public restrooms like this is because they believe in investing back into their service or”

” Fellow redditor here, I’m a dumb shit with no outside life and live in my mother’s basement. Her supplying me with adult diapers while I masturbate to Youtube videos is the only thing I can ever life for.”

“My cousin lived in a shell bathroom for almost 3 weeks.  It was right across the street from a hotel with free wifi, he put an out of order sign on the door and slept on a sleeping bag in there for almost 3 weeks.  It was almost 3 weeks before someone came in and caught him sleeping on the ground.  My cousin just acted like “How did I get here, what’s going on?  Is this a dream?”  My cousin likes to live in weird places, he likes to live for free, or pay as little as possible.  He lived in a storage locker for 3 years.  He dug a hole in the woods and lived underground for awhile, he used to sleep on top of a shelf in the back of a 24 hour WalMart, and I think he’s lived in other crazy places but I’ll have to ask him, cause I can’t remember now.  Well everyone have a good night”



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