7 Reasons to watch the Furious 7 (animated GIFs)

These reasons show why Furious 7 is already a massive hit

The pundits have predicted a revenue more than $100 million, and the first few days of the release showed nothing different. People are going crazy and making the cineplex lines big, and it’s not only for the late hero Paul Walker. Indeed, they want to give a grand tribute – both the casts and the fans, but only that can’t guarantee a sum on north of hundred millions. Furious 7, apart from the obvious emotions, is packed with so many brilliant features that Vin Diesel’s Oscar prediction seems almost believable. It has everything you expect from a car racing action film, and we pick the best seven reasons, more than enough to satisfy your thirst.


1. Unbelievably thrilling story of a chase from Azerbaijan to America, via Abu Dhabi.

No Friends, Only Family Furious 7

Family Furious 7

Elegant Furious 7


2. Craziest stunts envisioned by the new supremo James Wan, making the cars fly!

Stunt Furious 7


3. Possible fights between the three action gods – The Rock, Jason Statham, and Vin Diesel.

Rock, Statham fight Furious 7
Rock Furious 7


4. Comedy golds Roman & Tej fights for the same woman, giving the movie a bit hilarious breathing space.

Roman & Tej Furious 7

Furious 7 team

5. Rather turning into a cliche, the family drama between Letty & Dom remains a drama, just…

Dom & Letty Race Furious 7

Dance Furious 7

Dom & Letty Furious 7


6. Despite losing the most loved star Paul, the movie comes up with seamless solutions, with recorded footages and story restructure.

Paul Walker Furious 7


7. The crews get the most anticipated sending off of Paul perfectly right, both in terms of fitting drama, and required respect.

Paul Walker RIP Furious 7


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