Popular Photographs - Every photo has it's own story

Popular Photographs – Every photo has it’s own story

These are the most popular photographs we have seen

Photographs are history books, as it captures the time and can show exactly how it looked, after a few or many years. Photographs are stories, as it can easily tell a story of emotions, be it about us or our surroundings. So we love to capture, see and share photographs, based on many different themes, from selfie to the space station. We loved some of them, we also hated doing of them, and mostly didn’t care much to remember. Some of them are funny, you laugh at them but never wanted to be like them. Some of them can bring tears in your eyes or some of them can inspire you and boost your spirit. Today, we look back to a few of the popular photographs which was shared and got vast response from everyone.

World Ends, Love lives
World Ends, Love lives Popular photographs

Wing Shelter
Wing Shelter Popular photographs

Who wants this as a pet?
Who wants this as a pet Popular photographs

Wet Lions in Tanzania
Wet Lions in Tanzania Popular photographs

The grandmother
The grandmother Popular photographs

Tenderness Popular photographs

Snow can't stop him
Snow can't stop him Popular photographs

Shrek and Fiona’s Family
Shrek and Fiona’s Family Popular photographs

Sadness of losing
Sadness of losing Popular photographs

Ready for the holiday!
Ready for the holiday! Popular photograph

Pleasure Unbound
Pleasure Unbound Popular photograph

On Guard
On Guard Popular photograph

Norway – The land of fantasy
Norway - The land of fantasy Popular photograph

No Boy in the Ginger Family
No Boy in the Ginger Family Popular photograph

Night of Amsterdam
Night of Amsterdam Popular photograph

Lunch Time!
Lunch Time! Popular photograph

Love Wins, not the age – Valentine's Day
Love Wins, not the age - Valentine's Day Popular photograph

Love has no boundaries
Love has no boundaries Popular photograph

Kid teaches the way of living
Kid teaches the way of living Popular photographs

Humanity Wins
Humanity Wins Popular photographs

Generation handed over
Generation handed over Popular photographs

Friend in need is a friend indeed
Friend in need is a friend indeed Popular photographs

Enjoying the Autumn
Enjoying the Autumn Popular photographs

End is near
End is near Popular photographs

Dream of two sons, happiness comes with patience
Dream of two sons, happiness comes with patience Popular photograph

Disease can't defeat humanity
Disease can't defeat humanity Popular photograph

Crash time selfie
Crash time selfie Popular photograph

Child Eater Parents
Child Eater Parents Popular photograph

bucket of cuteness
bucket of cuteness Popular photograph

Alien Cat
Alien Cat Popular photograph

Bye Bye Friends
Bye Bye Friends Popular photographs

Most of the photos in this special post were researched and collected with the help of Google image search. If you want to share this post on, please give full credit and a link.

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