Appearance Over Quality and Definition of "Like" - Viral Briff

Appearance Over Quality and Definition of “Like” – Viral Briff

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Find out some hilarious random messages, 3D floor design idea, Read a story about a single father who’s been denied everywhere or See some skylines & amazing invention which people dreams for so many years – all and many more interesting, shocking, informative, heart enriching & enlightening top posts all over the world on today’s Viral Briff

Random Messages Goes Viral

Likes: 19,868+ | Shares: 1,965+ | Source: BuzzFeed

Ways For The Betterment Of Nation

And now for one of our favorite Dr. Seuss quotes
Likes: 22,728+ | Shares: 6,598+ | Source: Upworthy

Fiction Came True, Great Invention

Watch him light a fire with his laser watch!
I fucking love science
Likes: 50,680+ | Shares: 13,279+ | Source: I fucking love science

Amazingly Beautiful Idea, Seems Real

3D Bathroom Floor Designs
Stylish Eve
Likes: 451,341+ | Shares: 88,084+ | Source: Stylish Eve

People’s Judges By Appearance, Not Quality

“I’m an unemployed single father, and I feel like I’ve been written out of the economy. I’ve got a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology, but I can’t get a job in teaching, medical writing, or research. They showed us a video in the food stamp office about finding a job. It showed some guy bagging groceries, and he said something like: ‘People assume I’m not smart because I’m bagging groceries, but I’ve got a bachelors degree and some graduate school experience!’ I think they were telling me to lower my expectations.'”
Humans of New York
Likes: 155,313+ | Shares: 16,276+ | Source: Humans of New York

Standing Side-By-Side With The Cloud

Stunning Photos of Dubai’s Skylines ᴷᴬ
Architecture & Design
Likes: 65,047+ | Shares: 4,158+ | Source: Architecture & Design

Seems Alike, Best Friend Forever

Dude Perfect
Likes: 146,736 + | Shares: 4,680+ | Source: Dude Perfect

Definition Of ‘Like’ In 3 Short Points

Why… Just why?
Likes: 472,256+ | Shares: 50,494+ | Source: 9GAG

Hilarious Collection Of Elderly People Without Complexity

21 elderly people who probably don’t realize what they’re wearing:
Bored Panda
Likes: 12,582+ | Shares: 3,681+ | Source: Bored Panda

Pathetic & Photo Addictive People Everywhere

People nowadays. Sheesh.
George Takei
Likes: 22,737+ | Shares: 3,996+ | Source: George Takei

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