Can you guess who the girlfriend really is?

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This guy from Japan uploads to Instagram some fabulous photos with his loving girlfriend, romance is in the air… But wait, who exactly is his girlfriend? Well, have a look and try to guess.

Can you guess who is the girlfriend?
Can you guess who is the girlfriend?


The Secret Revealed

It turns out that the girlfriend is actually… well, you have to see it to believe it.

Who is the girlfriend 1

Who is the girlfriend 2


28 years old Keisuke Jinushi is making a statement and as with any art, he doesn’t need to explain it. The message is up to you. For me, I think the easy message of “don’t always believe what you see” is too simplistic. I look at these girlfriend photos again and again and can’t stop thinking about what relationships are in the eyes of our friends and family. And what is means to be alone. Anyway, it’s worth scrolling down and a second thought… enjoy!

Who is the girlfriend 3

Who is the girlfriend 4Who is the girlfriend 5

Who is the girlfriend 6

This is my favorite photo, I can actually feel how it is to sit alone in a romantic restaurant, alone, and get the looks from couples all around. Funny, sad, romantic – all in one photo (or actually two).

Who is the girlfriend 7

Who is the girlfriend 8


Story goes Viral

The source of these great photos is this Instagram account. The story was first posted on Diply, where it got over 7,900 shares. From there it exploded and went viral all over… I found it on my feed through George Takei to which we dedicated a special Genius Briff.

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