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Watch the rescued birds, you’ll understand that humanity still exists in this cruel world, Frauds about e-cigarettes exposed or watch an epic sleep who don’t cares if the world burns – etc many more top viral trending news on today’s Viral Briff


Stupidity By Customers, Painful For Cashiers

21 Struggles Every Cashier Will Recognize


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Baby Bird Rescue Collection, Humanity Still Exists

The transformation is riveting.


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Ads About E-Cigarettes Tested

Are e-cigarettes safe?

I fucking love science

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Finger Licking Chocolake Roll Ideas, Try It Today

Have You Ever Made Chocolate Roll Cakes?

Stylish Eve

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People Losing Values, Tradition Is Forgotten Now-A-Days

“I’m trying to raise my daughter with the same values that I learned in Jamaica, but it can be hard to instill gratitude and appreciation when we are surrounded by such abundance. When I was growing up in Jamaica, every time I wanted something, my grandmother made me go through the same list of questions: ‘Why do you want it?’ ‘How much will it cost?’ ‘Is it going to make your life better?’ There wasn’t enough money for things we didn’t need, so we were always forced to ask those questions– even for simple things like a new pair of shoes. The necessity of that ritual really helped create a deep appreciation for the things we had.’”

Humans of New York

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Hilarious Photo Collection, Very Cute Indeed

Like Father Like Son ᴷᴬ

Architecture & Design

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Expression That Can Describe Your Feelings

when you talk in the group chat and no one replies

Dude Perfect

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Words Which Can Teach The Lessons To Choose

I sincerely hope you’re right, Bob, I’m counting on you.


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Pretty Smooth & Flawless Journey, Get To Know

10 simple but clever animal comics by Shanghai Tango:

Bored Panda

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Epic Sleep, Who Cares If The World Burns

I don’t understand how this even happened.

George Takei

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