Read A Father’s Story Who Scattered From The Honesty To Get A Job and Learn Consequences Of Wearing Makeup Everyday – Viral Briff

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Learn How Nature is Related To Our Future, Read The Story of a Cancer Patient Who is Enjoying Her Life While Battling Cancer or Amazing Paper Arts & Stair Designs, Hard To Believe – all and many more about nature, cloud photos, protection techniques of honeybees etc on today’s Viral Briff


Consequences Of Wearing Makeup Everyday

After 17 years of wearing makeup every day of her life, BuzzFeed editor Erin La Rosa wanted to see what would happen if she stopped wearing it.


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Save The Nature Or Face The Symphony Of Destruction

Well, when you put it that way…
Thanks to Greenpeace USA for the image!


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Hilarious Cloud Photo Collection

One word: AMAZING.


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Life Should Be Enjoyed While Battling Disease

She’s battling breast cancer and entered a costume contest as Mr. Clean. Of course she won! (Photo credit: Redditor sleepingwithyourmom)


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Learn The Protection Techniques of Honeybees

A single Japanese giant hornet can kill forty honeybees a minute. The honeybees, however, have a rather unique defense mechanism.

I fucking love science

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Great Time-pass For The Game of Thrones Fans

Here’s how to spend the next six months before “Game Of Thrones” returns.

The Huffington Post

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What An Explanation of Realization By NPH

When did Neil Patrick Harris realize he was gay? Let’s just say the How I Met Your Mother star credits Burt Reynolds with helping the process along…


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Awesome Designs, Hard To Believe It’s Paper Art

Papers Art

Stylish Eve

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Scattered From The Honesty, Just For The Son. Justified?

“I was tired of working retail, so I lied on my resume and said that I had bookkeeper experience. I learned as much as I could from Google before the job interview, and printed out balance sheets to practice on. After I got the job, I read as much as I could every morning on the train. It was nerve wracking at first, but I presented the numbers at the end of the month, and everything checked out. May not have been the best way to get a job, but hey– I’ve got a son to look out for.”

Humans of New York

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Designs Can Be Applied On Stairs Too

Beautiful Colorful Stairs Art ᴷᴬ

Architecture & Design

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