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Wedding Proposal – Make it more appealing

Amazing Wedding proposal to impress your beloved one

The most amazing and exciting moment is the time when someone goes to propose his/her beloved one. From the beginning of the time, human being expresses their love in various ways. We are presenting you a collection of breathtaking proposal stories. HowHeAsked become so popular on social media platforms while posting exceptional and awesome wedding proposal stories. They started from the fall, 2011 and currently they have almost 200K followers on instagram. Their motto is to share the most exciting story of a person’s life! Have a look at some of their awesome moments of proposal.

Flashlights not needed when you have sunbeam at world's biggest cave
Who needs flashlight when you have sunbeam at world's biggest cave Wedding Proposal

Wedding ring in a magic box
Wedding ring in a magic box Wedding Proposal

Trolltunga dead end proposal
Trolltunga dead end proposal Wedding Proposal

Scuba Diving Proposal
Scuba Diving Proposal Wedding Proposal

Romantic Violin Proposal
Romantic Violin Proposal Wedding Proposal

Ring given by your pet
Ring given by your pet Wedding Proposal

Proposal with a wall paint
Proposal with a wall paint Wedding Proposal

Pizza box proposal
Pizza box proposal Wedding Proposal

Mountain top proposal
Mountain top proposal Wedding Proposal

Beautiful lake, boat proposal
Beautiful lake, boat proposal Wedding Proposal

Sand art on beach proposal
Sand art on beach proposal Wedding Proposal

Create a Magical environment instead
Magical environment Wedding Proposal

Magical environment 2 Wedding Proposal

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