Yoga Girl – The Sexiest way to live

These Yoga Girl photos are sexy in a healthy way

Yoga is one of the most effective and most appealing fitness exercises in the world. It’s appealing to the girls, because it helps massively to burn out every bit of their extra fat, while providing a much healthier mind, along with a body with the hottest shapes. On the other hand, it is also appealing to the boys for a completely different reason. This particular group of human beings doesn’t necessarily move around yoga pages online in order to learn some of its tricks and tips, rather, to stalk at the hot girl featured to show off the move.

Rachel Brathen, the author of the yoga manual ‘Yoga Girl’, is a Swedish born yoga instructor working in Caribbean Island, who has attracted millions of fans to her instagram pages by combining both the elements – useful yoga lessons and tips posted with a sexy yoga girl photo. You can check out her instagram post under the nick @yoga_girl.

Beautiful Yoga Girl

Peaceful, isn’t it?!

Love like your life Yoga Girl

Love like your life depends on it. (it does)
#live #love #letgo


Sunbathing got healthier

Sun Bath Yoga Girl


(Blush) (Blush)
Extra Smooches Yoga Girl


I need a cave to do yoga

Cave inspiration Yoga Girl

Forgive everyone for everything. Every experience you’ve ever had has been absolutely crucial for the intimate journey of your heart throughout this lifetime. It’s all brought you here, and you’re here for a reason. Forgive and move on. There is so much love left for you to explore.
You’ve only just begun.
#life #gratitude #cave #silhouette #yoga


Beach looks sexier

Beach Yoga Girl

Happiness is the total sum of the small moments of gratitude and presence you are able to cultivate throughout your day.
#life #inspiration #thankyou


Acrobat is a sexy sport

Acrobatic Yoga Girl


The ring has some usefulness, after all.

Wheelin' it out Yoga Girls

Wheelin’ it out! I spent at least 20 minutes rolling around like this on my mat this morning. We all carry tension from our past in different areas of the body. Feel-breathe-surrender-release; this is the practice.
Heart openers are always such a struggle for me but this little prop helps.


You are Okay!

You are OK Yoga Girl


I am always at your service

At your service Yoga Girl


This is my instructor! ;)

Cuteness Limitless Yoga Girl


This post was inspired by Rachel Brathen’s work. Thanks! Photos in this special post were researched and collected from @yoga_girl.


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