Learn Friendship From A Squirrel and Keep Track of The Amazing Discoveries - Viral Briff yesss111

Learn Friendship From A Squirrel and Keep Track of The Amazing Discoveries – Viral Briff

Learn a Fact About Compassion, Read the Story of The Man in Yellow Dresses or Explore The Unusual Beauty – all and many more on Today’s Viral Briff

BuzzFeed: Funny Parents

22 parents who are definitely funnier than their kids
Funny Parents BuzzFeed
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Upworthy: Teacher’s Working Hours

Here’s a fun little graphic to hand out to folks who think teachers have it easy. Because dang, they do not.
Teacher Upworthy
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ViralNova: Learn Friendship from a Squirrel

This is unbelievable to witness.
Friendship ViralNova
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Distractify: Breathtaking Wildlife Photos

Our incredible wildlife deserves to be protected.
Wildlife Photos Distractify
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Amazing Discoveries

This week in science!
Atom: http://bit.ly/1wl6OqW
Ozone: http://bit.ly/1D8gVDZ
Cerebellum: http://bit.ly/1wtLdzj
Pterosaur: http://bit.ly/X34MPx
Spinosaurus: http://bit.ly/1y3iyTE
Solid light: http://bit.ly/1nVPinU
Stem cells: http://bit.ly/ZlCsK6
White blood cells: http://bit.ly/1uy4SMm
Discoveries I Fucking Love Science
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Most Awkward Uniforms Ever

What is going on here?
Awkward Uniform Mashable
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Stylish Eve: Gift For Your Princess

Amazing Princess Bunk Beds
Princess Bunk Beds Stylish Eve
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Humans of New York: Compassion

“I have a doctorate in Buddhist philosophy. Now I want to learn as many languages as possible so I can teach as many people as possible.”
“What do you think is the most important thing that people can learn from Buddhism?”
“Compassion. Everyone suffers and everyone needs happiness.”

(Dharamshala, India)
Compassion Humans of New York
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The Unusual Beauty

Explore Athabasca, The World’s Unusual Waterfall ᴷᴬ
Unusual Beauty Architecture & Design
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The Man in Yellow Dress

This may look odd at first but the reason behind it left me in tears…
Yellow Dress faithit
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