Alcohol History and Bullying Never Supported – Viral Briff

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Find out some suit designs which everyone should avoid this christmas, Remember your memories as a student, experience no one can forget or Get to know where the real success remains, Listen to your heart & work accordingly – all and many more top Viral posts on today’s Viral Briff


Fear that Everyone Hide Inside Them

Getting real sick of underwear and responsibilities.


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Worthy Opinion, Bullying Never Supported

Paul Newman‘s philosophy on this = Like.
Thanks for the photo, Rebecca Eisenberg!


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10 Million Years of Alcohol, Proved

We’ve been drinking booze for longer than we’ve been human.

I fucking love science

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Amazing design For Your Babies

Kissy Face Pacifier

Stylish Eve

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Story of Success, Doing What Hearts Says

“I’ve always been drawn to children with special needs. I had a bunch of stuffed animals when I was a kid, and I’d sit them in rows and pretend to be their teacher. There was one bear named Moscow who had a broken eye and ripped ear, and I’d always make sure that the other animals were especially nice to him. So I knew early on that I wanted to be a special education teacher. This is a photo of the first play group that I organized outside of class. I was teaching at the time, and a lot of my parents were telling me that their children weren’t socializing with other members of the family, and it was very painful for them. So I organized an after-school playgroup in my basement. I’d work with the children on their interaction skills, while the mothers had a support group upstairs. The support group was very important for them. It’s very hard to be the parent of a special needs child. Your child develops at a slower pace than his peers, and you’re constantly hearing other parents say: ‘Mine is sitting. Mine is talking. Mine is crawling.’ And with each missed milestone, it’s difficult not to grieve the child that you didn’t have.”

Humans of New York

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Fact or Joke, Find Out

Some have me perplexed, some intrigued, and others non-plussed. I’m partial to #4–the 1977 WOW space signal. Did another species attempt to signal us along the hydrogen line frequency? One wonders.

George Takei

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Beaches Everyone Should Visit At Least Once

Some Of The Unique Kinds Of Beaches You Probably Never Knew Existed ᴷᴬ

Architecture & Design

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Suits Everyone Should Avoid This Christmas

Ugly Christmas sweaters turned into stylish suits:

Bored Panda

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Fact Stated Several Years Ago, Still …..

Yet we’re still practicing this on a daily basis…


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Experience Every Students Aware of

Sitting in class like

Dude Perfect

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