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Take a look at Harry Potter’s men now, colors to enrich your imagination, art work of a perfectionist, Read A selfish tweet which goes Viral as a joke or Watch a city without light which is quiet amazing – all and many more on today’s Viral Briff


People Remembers Their Young Age, Take A Look At Their Present


A Harry Potter PSA. // BuzzFeed Celeb


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What A Selfish Tweet, Very Nasty One

Oh, Stephen.
Thanks to USAction for finding this hilarious tweet!


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Amazing Beauty Robotic City Would Never Understand

If every light in a city went out, this is what you would see.

I fucking love science

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Color That Can Enrich Your Imagination Level

Purple Heaven

Stylish Eve

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Story Of An Irresponsible Father

“My father never grew up. He was always in and out of jail. And if you listen to him talk, he acts like he was some sort of kingpin, but he wasn’t. It’s like he’s still a teenager in his head. He even uses the same words as 30 years ago. He says things like: ‘When I was back in my groove, ain’t nobody used to tell me nothing.’ And he can’t accept responsibility for anything. He says things like, ‘If my family treated me better, I wouldn’t have to do drugs.’”

Humans of New York

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Amazing Creation, Only Perfectionist Can Do It

Amazing Sand Castles ᴷᴬ

Architecture & Design

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Embarrassing Moment Almost Everyone Faced

What it feels when I’m texting and accidentally use an exclamation mark instead of question mark

Dude Perfect
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It’s Only Possible In Fairy Tales

How I wish I had a relationship like this…


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Mind Freshening Start Of The Day

Good morning! Here’s a cup of cuteness

Bored Panda

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History Defined In 100 Seconds, What A Dance

This couple dances their way in 100 seconds through 100 years of fashion, dance and music. Truly eye-popping, particularly if you are familiar with the distinct styles of each decade.

George Takei

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