Tragedy of A Compromising Women and Faith Never Gets Old - Viral Briff

Tragedy of A Compromising Women and Faith Never Gets Old – Viral Briff

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Get To Know The Qualities Everyone Want, Achieved By Few, Alien Fish Discovered In Deep Ocean or See The New Adventure Of An Adopted Child – all and many more on today’s Viral Briff

Qualities Everyone Want To Possess, Only Few Achieves

Because is there a more perfect human than Emma Watson?
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Famous Actress Bullied At Midnight

She’s passionately against any kind of bullying, but hear what disturbs her most at the 2:00 mark.
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Adopted Child Excited About The New Adventure

His face says it all.
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Alien Fish Discovered In Deep Ocean

The deep ocean is a very, very strange place.
I fucking love science
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Playboy Magazine, Miss March, 1954

“All the women in these pages—who went on to become journalists, entre­­­preneurs, real-estate agents, and sexagenarian nude models; who married, divorced, and, in one case, gave birth to a Victoria’s Secret supermodel — say the Playmate title imbued them with a sense of confidence that seems more of a precursor to the sexual freedom of third-wave feminists than related to the objectification and degradation that their contemporaries saw in the magazine.”
The Huffington Post
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Unexpected Money Can Make You Feel Rich

When your parents tell you to keep the change.
Dude Perfect
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Life Is More Worthy Than A Job, Don’t Sell It

And I’m watching that part of my life fades away… Now I’m sad, thanks to 8crap.
Say what you don’t say! Follow us on
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Faith & Love Never Get Old

Old Faithful: Warm and intimate photos of really old dogs
Bored Panda
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Amazing Halloween Costume For The Pregnant

Maternity Halloween Costume
Stylish Eve
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Tragic Story of A Compromising Women

“I found a girl’s phone number in his pocket one night when he came home late from work. I thought: ‘I can leave, or I can resolve myself to it.’ I had young children at the time, and no income, and no family to fall back on, so I decided to live with it. There were times he’d stay out all night, or wouldn’t answer the phone. But he was a good father. He worked. We went on vacations together. I think he was sick for about a year before he finally went to the doctor. He didn’t even tell me himself. His doctor told me that I needed to get tested, because my husband had AIDS.”
Humans of New York
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