Princess Arrived and Wake Up Call – Viral Briff

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Get to know the what people are running After & what their consequences would be, people totally forgot what peace of mind really is, Child time is the best time, no tension really or Read about the age when fress doesn’t matter at all, still they should be careful – all and many more top posts on today’s Viral Briff


Change of Time, Change of Storage



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Embarrassing Questions No One Expects

If I knew it might hurt someone’s self-esteem, I never would have asked.


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New Species Shared, Really Unreal


I fucking love science

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Princess Selfie, Worthy One To Watch

Disney Selfie

Stylish Eve

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Child Time, Best Time, No Tension

“I always remember my mom having this hardness to her. Even if you were at the other end of the house, you could feel her presence. Not like a monster, but kinda. She needed everything to be just a certain way. She’d arrange the towels perfectly and didn’t want anyone messing them up. She’d keep these detailed notes on money, and daily activities, and even her bowel movements. It was a diary of her anxieties. She always needed everything to be just a certain way, and she always had such a hard tone to her voice. But I loved her. I remember walking into her room shortly before she died. She was curled up in bed because she had very bad scoliosis, and she looked so small and vulnerable. And next to her on the nightstand was a picture of her as a little girl, standing with her mother. And it made me sad, because I knew that little girl had never wanted to grow up to be a ball of anxiety.”

Humans of New York

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Beauty Beyond Imagination

City Of Dreams, Venice – Italy ᴷᴬ

Architecture & Design

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Wake Up Call No One Likes

Me every morning

Dude Perfect

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Peace of Mind Killed Totally

I’d rather chase after REAL happiness…


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Current World Problems Summed Together

Satiric illustrations of today’s problems drawn in the 50’s style:

Bored Panda

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Dress Doesn’t Matter, Does It?

You know, I consider myself rather hip for being in my 70s. But even I wouldn’t have the nerve to sport these shirts out.

George Takei

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