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All Men Watch and Learn – Trending Now!

Kevin Moran is a real man! He knows how to propose… And what a beautiful reaction. This video is a must see.

Kevin tooke his girlfriend Molly McGinni into a photo booth, pressed the start button… And then, surprising her out of nowhere, he took out an engagement ring! Molly was stunned. At first she couldn’t believe it. Then laughed. Then… Well, the camera caught it all as you can see for yourself in this trending video.

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We collected for you some comments from You tube:

“I’m not really sure why there is so much hate in all of these comments and why ‘faggot’ and Christianity is being brought into anything. Or why this isn’t ‘good’ enough for a proposal. Fucking sad humans you all are. This is awesome, he thought of the perfect moment for THEM which is all that matters in this moment.”

“Fake? No girl wants to be proposed in a photo booth. ”

“Wow a proposal with no gay people in it.. This video should be flagged for going against the gay agenda. We want a mono society, not one with culture and tradition. Not one with religion as religious people a bad not the global elite who brag about human depopulation.”

“I’d like to see a woman propose.”


We love her adorable reaction, watch and enjoy:


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Here at, knowing that our precious time together on Earth is way too short for a long feed, we bring you the best of the best, like this special briff about a proposal in a photo booth. Want to get more posts like this? Please be sure to like the Facebook page.


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