Parenting fails – Sometimes parenting gets a bit hilarious

These parenting fails to show what parenting is all about

Parenting is not all about happy-nappy cutest stories, it has many struggles too. I am not a parent and thus I can hardly imagine how my parents managed to know and deliver everything I needed when I was a baby. I mean, babies can’t even talk, and their only language is a divinely giggle or a heart piercing cry whenever they need something, be it the food or just a little need to pee. Babies also do stuffs out of this world that falls under no established logic, but that’s the sole reason of calling them babies anyway. Here, we compiled some of the funniest photos of kids having fun, inevitably at the expense of their parents.


Tattoo For The Father

Tattoo For The Father Parenting Fail


Sauce Bathing

Sauce Bathing Parenting Fail


Punishment of evil doings

Punishment of evil doings Parenting Fails

Potty training fail

Potty training fail Parenting Fail


Please don’t tell mom

Please don't tell mom Parenting Fail


Playing With Flour

Playing With Flour Parenting Fail


Playing with Color

Playing with Color Parenting Fails


Monitor as a CANVAS

Monitor as a CANVAS Parenting Fails


Magazines Flushed

Magazines Flushed Parenting Fails


Kids fighting

Kids fighting Parenting Fails


Human Swing

Human Swing Parenting Fails

Human Chair

Human Chair Parenting Fails


Hairstylist Daughter

Hairstylist Daughter Parenting Fails

Good Morning!

Good Morning! Parenting Fails


Father’s Hair Bow

Father's Hair Bow Parenting Fails


Epic Sleeping Position

Epic Sleeping Position Parenting Fails


Dads don’t care

Dads don't care Parenting Fails

Baby Table

Baby Table Parenting Fails

Baby Still not impressed

Baby Still not impressed Parenting Fails

Anniversary Photo

Anniversary Photo Fail Parenting Fails

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